August 23rd, 2007

Бишоп, Бирретта

Решил поднять себе (и вам) настроение...

... старым способом, который изобрел для себя давно, --- как только поставил на комп первый электронный переводчик.

Берем русское стихотворение, переводим его на английский, а потом переводим обратно. Смешным получается и английский и русский текст.

Для начала хрестоматийное, которое все знают наизусть

Однажды, в студеную зимнюю пору,
Я из лесу вышел; был сильный мороз.
Гляжу, поднимается медленно в гору
Лошадка, везущая хворосту воз.

Ну и так далее...

Английский текст выглядит так:

Once, during an ice cold winter time,
I from a wood have left; there was a strong frost.
I look, rises slowly uphill
The horsy, carrying to brushwood a cart.

And, striding important, in calmness чинном,
The horsy conducts under уздцы мужичок
In greater boots, in a short fur coat овчинном,
In greater mittens... And itself with ноготок!

- Fine, парнище! - « Go to itself past! »
- You are sick грозен as I shall have a look!
Whence дровишки? - « From a wood, certainly;
The father, you hear, cuts, and I allocate ».

(In a wood the axe of the woodcutter was distributed.)
- And what, at the father greater family?
« Family greater, yes two persons
In total muzhiks: my father yes I... »

- So it that! And how to call you? - «Власом».
- And which to you year? - « the sixth passed...
Well, dead! » - has shouted малюточка a bass,
Has jerked under уздцы and has more quickly walked.

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Бишоп, Бирретта

Сижу за решеткой в темнице сырой...

I sit at a lattice in a dungeon crude
The eagle reared in bondage young
My sad comrade, waving a wing,
Bloody food pecks under a window,

Pecks, both throws, and looks out of the window,
As though with me has conceived one;
Calls me a sight and the shout
And to utter wants: " Give we shall depart!

We free birds; it is time, the brother, is time!
There, where behind a cloud the mountain grows white,
There, where sea edges become blue,
There, where the wind is walked only... Yes I!.. "

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Бишоп, Бирретта

А это мне очень нравится... У лукоморья дуб зеленый...

At a curved seashore an oak green;
Golden circuit on an oak volume:
Both in the afternoon and at night a cat the scientist
All goes on a circuit around;
Goes to the right - a song gets,
On the left - a fairy tale speaks.
There miracles: there леший wanders,
The mermaid on branches sits;
There on unknown paths
Traces of unprecedented animals;
Избушка there on курьих legs
Costs without windows, without doors;
There a wood and дол of images are full;
There about a dawn прихлынут waves
On брег sandy and empty,
And thirty heroes fine
Succession waters leave clear,
And with them дядька their sea;
There king's son мимоходом
Captivates terrible tsar;
There in clouds before people
Through woods, through the seas
The sorcerer bears a bogatyr;
In a dungeon there tsarevna grieves,
And the brown wolf truly serves it;
There ступа with Бабою Ягой
Goes, goes by itself,
There tsar Kashchej above gold withers;
There Russian spirit... There as Russia smells!
And there I was, and I drank honey;
At the sea saw an oak green;
Under it sat, and a cat the scientist
The to me fairy tales spoke.

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